Here are my Do’s and don’t or FAQ’s whichever way you would like to call it. If you have read my other pages you will know I am easy going and not arrogant at all or full of myself. The reason I have written this is to make things easier for London bars and nightclubs, this page also makes it easier for those thinking of booking me for private events. My years of experience DJiing at London parties have lead me to work this way. These guidelines have made my experiences with London parties a lot easier.

I do not use automix programmes or softwares.
I will not use any unprofessional equipment that is not industry standard.
I do not play just one hour sets or charge by the hour.
I am not a following DJ.

I either DJ half a night or a full nights set.

I do not DJ for children parties.

I always require deposits for bookings.

I will only be booked through Party Night London.

I still can play a proper vinyl set if requested however, but I do not have a full song selection, as I sold many of my old records.

I don’t use social media very much.

I do not bring friends to private events.


I do not DJ for fame, nor for social status, girls or for attention.


I will not try to get myself a booking if I do not have the selection such as full Iranian parties, Sri-Lankan, Bar Marvitzah parties or any other foreign parties. If there are just a few songs of foreign music that needs to be mixed in then I can play that however, if the party is predominantly foreign music heavy then I will have to discuss with the party organisor well in advanced.

I mix live using Serato scratchlive with turntable or CDJS, I mix all songs myself.
I only use Technic 1210’s / Vestex turntables or Pioneer CDJs.
I will only DJ one hour sets for the same rate for half of the evening’s pay.
I play music for party crowds, bookings and the general public not for my friends who tag along.
I only take bookings that pay a rate that is worthwhile me travelling out to and setting up for.
I do not have the children’s music selection, I play for age groups over 16.

I will only play without a deposit if I have played for that customer, London bar/ nightclub in the past.
Party Night London will legally secure my booking with the customer or bar.

I was a vinyl DJ I still have many, but I have sold a lot. I have DJ  friends who I can borrow some old tracks off. Therefore, I will need at least one week’s notice if I am to play a pure vinyl set.
I have twitter account (@djsrlondon) which I rarely tweet and I have a Souncloud. 

I may bring help along to set up a large private job, they will be paid and be professional and not hang around waiting for me to play their songs. I play to what crowds and parties book me to play

I DJ in London because I want to create good atmosphere’s at London parties, I DJ because I want to contribute to the music scene by DJiing music the best way for listeners ears and to make people dance and have a good night out.

I will always try to be honest with London bars, nightclubs and customers looking to book me. With all the years experience and understanding what different crowds and London parties want there still maybe that private party that I may not be suited for like a pure Bollywood Bhangra night or a nightclub wanting a dubstep and drum and bass set. I will never just take on a job for the money because that would not give the crowd a good experience. My job as a DJ is to give listeners and party people the best night out.

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