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Goodbye To My Best Car

Goodbye to my best car

So I guess the time is never right to say goodbye to a loved one and in this situation it is my beloved Mazda MX-5. This car has taken me to so many DJ gigs at London parties. I’m having to put this up on sale and will absolutely despise the new owner (I got a feeling I’m going to hand over the keys with a pathetic weakling punch or tears running from my eyes – either way it won’t be a proud moment for me).

This may have been the best car I’ve ever had and I’ve had many cars having driven 11 years. This beauty is small and incredibly nippy but absolutely no use for a DJ gig at a private parties. As I am a London DJ available for hire for private and corporate events, I could carry equipment to full sets in two goes but this is double journey is getting rather annoying now.

To be honest even if I had this car back in the day when I used to play vinyl at London bars and nightclubs this boot would not fit a large record box, I would have to use multiple record bags that could hold up to 60 records and lay them flat in the boot. I can only get one technics flight case, a mixer and cables in a bag in the boot.

The best I’ve ever managed was actually to fit a whole DJ rig for a private party who did not want very loud music at all so I didn’t bring the 15inch speakers but smaller booth ones and stacked them together on the passenger set with the roof down. Packing a whole deck set and speakers into this car was an emotional day I must day – had a tear fall out of my eye at the sight.

On the plus side, this car is ideal for parking in London before my sets at London bars and nightclubs. What do I mean on the plus side, there was one fault it’s no good for storage! This car is amazing, won’t break your bank, it is a gokart and anyone who test drives one no matter how old the model will instantly want one.


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