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Showcase feature DJ sets & event companies:

I have played a wide variety of different types of sets in my 21 years of DJing. I have played from inside boxing rings, to festivals, to formula one tracks, to boat parties, in shopping malls, exhibition arenas to outdoor fairs – the list goes on. Some events can be small from under 100 people and some huge to thousands of people, I am flexible to play for all crowd sizes.




Event organisors & promotional companies:
I am a freelance DJ and work with ten well known event organisors and promotional companies on a regular basis. These event companies over the years and till now put me on some small and some incredibly large fancy DJ gigs. I either supply my equipment (see link here) or I use the venues or AV companies screens and liaise with them well in advance. I invoice and charge accordingly to hours of play, distance travelling to set and equipment supplied (at a reasonable rate).




Video DJing:
I have been video Djing since 2011 and it is fairly simple for me. I have played quite a fair few video sets for corporate events. It is the same DJing for me as DJing on audio however one drawback, my selection is limited to around 2500 songs. Usually video sets are for working alongside AV companies or bar / nightclubs I will have to run one extra cable from my laptop  mini display port to a HDMI / VGA connector which connects to the AV companies controller desk or the venues video box (please note I do not provide screens). Many songs I playout every week on audio only sets, I am still using the audio from the track and people do not know that I am playing it from a video as mentioned it is rather straight forward for me. The videos I use are special DJing videos with edits and even special skits – I open format video DJ.

Prices for video sets are slightly higher – about £50-£100 on the overall price due to the feature of this.

Different types of events require different types of DJ set i.e scratch sets, to relaxed background, to party crowd jumping sets. Those who know me and heard me DJ know that I vary my DJing style accordingly. Some showcase sets want me to jump on the decks and play 30mins showcase scratch or fancy transitions or some events want  up to 8hours of varied styles of Djing: relaxed, clean mixing, clean lyrics (no explicit lyrics on songs).

The majoirty of the sets are open format (unless genre specified by events team) and are to suit the general theme of the event but again, there are so many variants which are to be discussed in advance with event organisors which I am happy to take the time over the phone or meet in person at site locations or event offices.

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