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DJ SR at Dado 54 Bar

Dado 54 bar nightclub-10-  DJ SR London partiesFrom Saturday 13th September 2014, good thing it wasn’t Friday, I’m not really that superstitious but let’s get on. I will be alternating at Dado bar in Farringdon street playing an R&B set for you cats thinking of coming down to that night.

Dado 54 bar is an unusual name but hey I guess many bars and nightclubs call themselves random names anyhow. Dado 54 bar is a small but cosy around 200 capacity venue that has exposed brickwork, exposed piping with random artworks as decor. It’s based over two floors with two bars.

The downstairs area at Dado 54 bar has a somewhat random dancefloor area, I keep saying random because this bar is REALLY very random. It has many conservative aspects but then again there are just some random things – I know it’s a rather vague description and now you’re thinking JUST describe the bar! To be honest I can’t until you go there – by saying that… it’s not point of sale tactic to say oh you have to come to know! Just look at the pictures I’ve put up how about that.

Now the main part of the Saturday night at Dado 54 bar, the music! As you know I play all sorts of genres however, I will be playing Old Skool R&B, Hip Hop and Commercial R&B alongside UK garage and party anthems. Wham, no S Club 7 no Britney no Jungle no Soul, disco no 80s cheese. Just think of the sets I played at Anthologist bar or The Refinery bar in fact see the last set Serato history I played at Anthologist bar – 13.8.14 to get a better idea of what I will be playing at Dado bar.

Once again Dado 54 bar has been like many other London bars and put in CDJ 2000’s and n0 turntables. You all know I’m a Technics man and my regulars know the level of difference in my sets with 1210’s. I would bring mine down on some nights however I can see in this DJ booth that I’ll barely be able to fit my laptop stand in there judging by the image let alone a set of turntables.

I haven’t met the barstaff at Dado bar yet but let’s hope they ooze personality and get down and party similar to some other bars I work at. I am under strict orders to keep to my genres so if you’re coming down and expecting a set like I’d play in Soho or the West end nightclubs I’ll have to inform you that these sets at Dado bar will not be like those but very R&B.

General info – Dado bar on Saturday R&B parties:

Address: 54 Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4BD.
 £10 all night on the guest list (Guest list only entry – click here for guest lists).
Dress Code:
 Smart and sexy.
Strictly no soft soled shoes or sportswear

Over 23s & Mixed groups of guys and girls (no all guy groups)

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