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Samsung Galaxy S5 review

DJ SR - Professional London bar and nightclubs DJ samsung s5So its been a few weeks since I’ve had the Samsung S5. This is my opinion of the phone, yes during the day it is easier but when it comes to me DJiing at London nightclubs, bars and private parties I would like a phone that’s easy to use.

This phone is an immense step up from the S3. It has so many features if you know how to use phones and how to adjust settings in detail. Those who don’t, stick to an iPhone.

The s5 battery last the same compared against the HTC m8. But the m8 doesn’t have an emergency battery ultra power saving mode. The m8 battery cannot be changed on the go and is good for long days taht lead on to DJ sets at London parties. I bought the Samsung so I can keep a spare one in my wallet but the amount of time it lasts I don’t need one. In conclusion, Samsung over m8 for battery power, m8 design wins. Iphones, belong in the bin.

The downside is taking pictures at London nightclubs. The flash isn’t any good and the autofocus is too precisem  for movement in London bars or nightclubs and believe me i’ve tried numerous different settings (trial and error still no good). 

However much the Samsung is a good phone. It is boring! If you have a quirk about you and a genuine one not just one with clothes n pics then this is not the phone. Get the htc m8 (pronounced mate). It is funkier and has a better camera. I’m not saying im cool or a hipster i’m too old for that now although a child at heart anyway this is a phone review. It is a business and good for my business (the one outside djiing). But it depends how much your out and about at London bars and nightclubs. 

I’m now tied to a 2year contract but I’m sure i can bare what they call middle class – gosh I am a pratt aren’t I

Apologies & peace out – Signing out DJ SR


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