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Anthologist Bar

DJ SR Professional experienced D

Anthologist bar resident DJ SR

In 2010 I was asked to DJ at the opening night at Anthologist bar nightclub, 58 Gresham Street Bank EC4V 7BB. Since then I have been playing at that venue at least once or twice a month over the past four years. The Anthologist bar is a restaurant during weekdays for the city of London crowd. It opens at 7am and closes at 12am. On Saturday nights in transforms into a nightclub and now is one of the most popular London nightclubs in the capital.

The Anthologist bar as mentioned before is a restaurant during the week. On Saturdays they remove the main centre tables and leave it open as one big dance floor. The capacity of the venue can then accommodate upto 600 guests. They drape out the glass windows so you can not see in and the inbuilt nightclub lighting system is turned on and it amazingly transforms very well I must say.

The sound system there is not a function one sound system but, a Bose sound system with multiple bins and to be honest the sound is much better than alot of London nightclubs I have played at in the past who boast they have a function one sound system.

The music is proper R&B and Hip Hop, most London bars and nightclubs who advertise  R&B end up playing Rihannas (although that music is still played) but real poppy R&B.  The R&B  that is I play there goes onto Ginuwine, LL cool J,  Marques Houston that sort of R&B. On average in a full night 5 and a half our set I play about 170 songs. Of course I mix the new current tracks and now it seems to have gone to deep house as well but whats one of the most popular nights out in London needs to have some of the most popular music too.

I play on Pioneer CDs and an Allen and Heath Zone 62 mixer and I’ve begged so many times to get a pair of Technic 1210’s into the Anthologist bar with a mixer that has a hamster switch so I can scratch using the crossfader and not just the upfader. But they say their Friday night DJs can’t use turntables – pfft. Anyhow I digress.

The Anthologist bar nightclub is one busy and really good night to go to. I am proud and happy to be the London DJ chosen to play there on a regular basis for the past four years. If you want to get on the Anthologist bar guest list or book tables at the Anthologist bar you can from the logo link below. You can also ask Party Night London when I’m playing if you want to catch me on a particular night. Just ask for DJ SR !

Click the logo below to get on the guest list or book a table at the Anthologist bar:


Address: 58 Gresham St, London EC2V 7BB

Doors open 21:30-03:00am (Latest entry 01:00am)

PRICE: £5 before 10:30pm and £10 after on the guest list (Guest list only entry).

Over 23’s & I.D is required. No all male groups (Mixed group entry)

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