I was having a clear up and found some vinyls, so I thought I’d have a little mix and video it. When I started DJing there were no laptops involved, no loops, cheats or effects just the ears, hands, 2 upfaders and a crossfader so I DJ’d the same way in this video. Maybe I’m a bit rusty on vinyl but here’s a 10 minute one time take clip of RnB & Hip Hop set – the classic way (if you fancy watching it).

Track list:
TLC – Aint too proud to beg
Jade – Don’t walk away
Mya – Case of the ex
Naughty By Nature – Hiphop Hooray
Snoop – What’s my name
A tribe called quest – Can I kick it
Gangstarr – Full clip snippet (I should have played that till the end… oh well what’s done is done)