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My best mates wedding

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Here’s a picture of my four closest mates from college. Kun who 2nd on the left ive known since 1993 and he’s probably the most frequent person who came with me when I bought records when I was a teenager. Kuns seen me through all the rubbish mixes I did when I was younger sat listening to my mixes and my cruddy poorly recorded mixtapes on cassette.  Hanish left to Kun,  Riz on the left of me. It was Riz’s wedding receptopn party at the hotel in Mayfair.

So here it is my very close mate that I have known for 15 years since college, has now finally got married. On this wedding party DJ SR was not required to DJ as there was no music however, part of my DJ services was required – my mixer speakers and my not so wedding hosting services. Riz’s wedding was in Mayfair hotel and was a traditional Islamic wedding by where there was no music required. 

Seeing as I am not Muslim but Hindu I was hoping there was some point I could pop to the bar and drown my sorrows and celebrate my mate getting hitched however, I respected the Islamic tradition and the forbidden rule of no alcohol and remained sober throughout.

The venue I must say was beautiful and he had around 250 guests. For the meal we had the starters of fish, lamb kebabs, chick peas in yoghurt and tamarind sauce, mains the proper Karai way with some amazing biryani to finish with classic Kulfi – proper good meal may I say (well deserved after the long wait seeing I hadn’t eaten since 2pm).

Standard greetings of aunties and uncles, for those who do not know the tradition of Indians and Pakistanis we greet and call family friends who are our parents friends and older generations by calling them Aunty and Uncle as opposed to their first names.

So Riz and his wife were given the blessings by the Imam before they walked in and his brother was meant to make the speech and announcements. As we were waiting for Riz Nav started to pace and up and down shaking his head due to nerves. He plucked up some sort of courage to get on the microphone and whispered ladies and gentleman to which everyone ignored it and Riz’s sister said Nav speak up, Nav was not the man for the job, the word’s from a relative was “Nav you’re wet on the mic – get off”. It seemed like someone had to take control – who? Me (not out of choice but privileged to have the honour)… from then on I was constantly making the announcements tempted to give a speech but held back with alot of difficulty.

It’s a good thing I have DJ’d for wedding parties in the past as I knew how to engage with everyone. I was not DJiing, I was a host AND DID NOT GET PAID – aah I wouldn’t have taken the money anyway IT’S MY BEST MATES WEDDING! Joyous, emotional in both happy and sad ways – Man down! All the best and congratulations Riz and Anum!

DJ SR - Riz & Anum wedding reception party Mayfair 2014

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