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London Groove birthday

London Groove at the Anthologist nightclub

On Saturday 3rd May London groove celebrated their 10th birthday at the Anthologist bar. I have been part of London groove since 2008 so over 6 years this summer. Normally there is only one DJ or two DJ’s playing in one evening but as it was the birthday celebration all four of us London DJs were on. I had the wind down set and yes me dressed like a plonker in a suit, hey I just saw my one of my closest mates get married three hours prior.

I was at an Islamic wedding beforehand and although there was a dying urge to have that hip flask and top myself up through it – I showed respect and did not. At Islamic weddings they stuff you full of food and then I felt tired, ready to sleep before the set. Being the genius I am, I managed to get my mate to drive me to the late off-licence and fulfill my Saturday night alcoholism and perk myself up with a couple of beverages. Eric B-Line was kind enough to bring me a couple of glasses when I came in.

As I came in at 12:30 DJ Back II Basics got on the decks hammered but got that crowd wild, it was a a wicked crowd! When it got to the point where Back II Basics got double vision I got on the decks announcing that we had got the new London Groove Summer Mix cd and finished the last hour of the night looking like a right fool in my wedding suit.

Upon us London Groove DJs getting tanked up. We don’t normally but hey it was the birthday and A WICKED CROWD of 600 people!

DJ Venus at the back, Back II Basics (left), Eric B-Line (next to me) & Me DJ SR


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