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Serato timecode vinyl

DJ SR London parties London barsI started Djiing in 1996 with vinyl and ten years later I moved to Serato Scratchlive live with timecode vinyls. When I moved from records to mp3 djiing (still with turnatbles) many of the London bars and nightclubs had moved their Technics 1210’s out and moved in CDJ decks. However, still many bars in London had kept their Technics – that’s another topic itself.

Serato timecode vinyls for those who do not know what they are – are timecode signals that are read by the needle off the turntable and move the digital track on the mp3 on the computer exactly as if it was the original record on the deck (that is absolute mode). Some DJs (myself being one) use Serato Scratchlive in Relative mode which is similar to the original vinyl but allows use to digitally loop and drop the needle at any points on the timecode without needle jumps (if the decks are nudged) – there are also other tricks that us London DJs (and worldwide) can do in Serato relative mode with the timecode vinyl.

Serato original started with version 1 timecode vinyls and they were a simple design, then version 2 came out with numerous different colours of which I have purchased countless different colours. Then Serato released the performance vinyls, I bought one pair and didn’t like the lightness of one side, I then went to test if I had a dodgy batch by using other London DJs performance timecode vinyls and found the same. Although, the performance had a higher output range and were made to be longer lasting I liked one side of the vinyl and not the other. DJs have different ways of scratching and releasing and the lighter side was not for me, it kept releasing too slow like when we had those records which were made on really light delicate records back in the day. So I still have kept to my original version 2’s and I don’t like the 10inch vinyls as they don’t fit the whole slipmat – this is just my personal perference.

I then stumbled across this version 2.5 clear one on ebay, this was sold from the USA and I got them and these have to be my favourite Serato timecode edition of all.

I always use Technics 1210’s with Serato scratchlive and timecode vinyls on my private jobs, not cos I think they look good or the fact that I can use them. Technics may weigh more when carrying around to private parties, take longer to set up and put away – but I always DJ better on Technics! They have been with me from day one and never failed and I enjoy playing on them unlike CDJs. I will never ever buy a controller, I am not a controller DJ, I will always remain loyal to Technics as they have been to me and so to many other DJs in the world.

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