Celebrity nightclub DJs

DJ SR Professional London nightclub disc jockey - Not a celebrity DJYes it has always been a case of who you know and whom you are connected with. However, it is unfortunate that many London nightclubs hire djs on the basis of status as opposed to ability.

I know a few TV actors and relatively popular celebrities., they have been and asked to DJ for one hour or 30mins for a rate of £500 when they even stated “I do not know how to DJ” to the London nightclubs. The promoters and bars said not to worry we we’ll play a mix and all you have to do is press play and act as you do.

Now if this is what the London nightclubs want and keeps their clientele happy that is their prerogative, this is not my moan but an expression and what I know has happened on occasions. I will not take it to offence or hate it as they say hate the player and not the game. If Paris Hilton has been paid to play but also pack out the nightclub then I can hate on Paris Hilton then again who doesn’t hmmm (I’ll let you decide).

Anyhow if we live in an era of celebrity based culture and that this is involved in London  bars and nightclubs then so be it isn’t my place nor wil it be suited for me to DJ at. As mentioned before I will not play DJ sets that are not suited for me nor the crowd, it is my job to make a crowd happy. I do not brand myself as a celebrity DJ, I have a few contacts who are but I would never use them as a basis to get work nor brand myself as a celebrity London DJ. My choice of being a DJ is to make people’s party a good one and to please a crowd and not ever about myself.

You may have heard me saying this it’s not about myself many times. I say this not looking for a medal of humbleness or a pat on the back I say this because it is the foundation of anyone being a genuinely good crowd pleasing DJ. Celebrity DJiing is not for me nor will I ever use that term to get myself into London nightclubs