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London parties flyer hype

DJ SR Shomik Raha - London parties nightclub and cocktail bars spoof flyerSo here it is the big most popular London party hype – Club Hermit. If you haven’t read the flyer this is not a London bar or nightclub it is a mockery flyer. There is no night, the reason I made this flyer was not to have a rant or spread hate but simply to share my opinion. I mean hey this is a blog and I guess that’s what they are here for – sharing opinions.

Anyway, the reason I made this flyer was to say or show that London nightclub flyers do not have any impact on how the night is. Today’s world London DJs or anywhere around the world are many times asked by bars and nightclubs to make a flyers. DJs may make the flyers themselves on photoshop or however, or may pay someone to make the flyers. This is many circumstances very helpful, I know when I see the Dr’s Orders flyers I instantly want to read them and go but that is because the best DJs in London and around the world come to play hip hop at the Dr’s Orders.

The problem is that every average Jo shmoe DJ (oh look its almost an acronym of my name) makes a flyers on Facebook and tweets it and the speciality of flyers have diminished over the social media world. Yes, it’s a chance that many people see the venue and DJs advertised in a nice way but who cares. If people want to go out they’re already coming out and half of the flyers made don’t even have an element to how the London bar or nightclubs look.

Flyers are advertising there are professional advertising companies and pr agencies who do this, why get DJs in London to make their own flyers when the DJs are there to create a happy, hyped blinging atmosphere with music not a over sparkly jpeg of text! It’s all image hype and no substance…. If the DJ is known to be good and the London bar or nightclub is known to be good then why add something that is not needed?

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