DJ-SR-London-bar-nightclub-party-dj-hire-equipmentI have been using turntables and records since 1998. Since 2006 I moved to serato scratchlive and now the latest version of serato. How does it work? See picture below. I do not use a controller or automix functions and I must stress this all mixing, scratching etc played at my sets are all live.

If I play at a bar or nightclub I have no problem using whichever system and decks & mixer they use as I have come across and used all models since the year 2000.

If I am hired to play privately and have to bring in equipment I will bring either 2x Technics or CDJs (this is dependent on what type of set I am playing – scratch heavy set then turntables, if less scratching is required for a set say for a corporate party of 50th birthday then I will use CDJs for the set.

I will always be using a pioneer mixer and at lease 2xQSC K12 active speakers. QSC are one of the highest range active speakers and provide the some best sound quality. I invest in good high quality gear as I have many high profile clients and I believe they get what they pay for in terms of DJ set and equipment supplied.

Most parties upto 150 guests I will use just two top QSC speakers. Parties with more than 150 guests I would suggest that I use my two Yamaha DXS15 bass bin subs to give a richer more bass heavier sound display in addition to the QSC K12s.

Bars & Nightclubs:

If you are a bar & nightclub manager and are hiring me for the first time please rest assured I have been playing in nightclubs since the year 2000 and understand the logistics of all set ups. I have played from the smallest bad systems to extremely high end loud systems such as Fabric and Ministry of sound. I understand not going to the red levels on the mixer and if I am playing using my own set up I will not drive your sound system as loud as I can because that in effect compresses the sound and in fact makes it sound worse.

Event organisers & AV companies who provide me equipment:

In most circumstances I will request Technics 1200/10’s and a pioneer DJM850 mixer or 900 (or Pioneer 900srt) as I use Serato clubkit. I will carry out a sound check and I will also request a booth monitor. The booth monitor is mandatory if I am playing for crowds of 400 people and above.

If I am to plugging my decks and mixer into your AV system I will provide a Pioneer DJm 850 mixer and use XLR outputs for sound.

Lighting options:

Lighting I use American DJ Xmove 30R LED moving heads for under 100 guests and small low ceiling venues. For larger parties of 100 and above I will use ADJ Inno Pro’s. I usually leave both lights on spots and not on gobos (gobos are shapes you see from with the spot light). I do not uplight venues or provide goalposts truss stands. I have two glo stands for weddings but I do not go further than this to uplight halls and areas. I have numerous hire companies and AV companies that I can recommend. Alternatively, there are hundreds of roadshow DJs that cater in this area. I am not a roadshow DJ but a performing DJ. If a full roadshow set up is required I am happy to work alongside my suggested associated companies but the price maybe higher than some other roadshow DJs.