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DJ SR As A Host

DJ SR as a host

So as you can see this is a wonderful image of myself hosting a night at one of London parties (if you didn’t get the sarcasm – it’s a horrendous image). There are many types of hosts and masters of ceremonies, I am not like a drum n bass / UK Garage MC host – I do not rhyme and drop lyrics over instrumentals or songs. I may say two words from a sentence of a song that I let the crowd finish over roaring at their voices.

When it comes to London parties I do not go out with an intention to host. There are some Saturday nightclubs in London that require me to host, shout out names, birthdays and so on. There are also many bars in London that do not want me nor any other London DJs to use a microphone period. I only host when it is required and essential. If it is a wedding and they ask me to make announcements then I will do so but usually the best man or one of the bridesmaids likes doing so. I always do as the client whether it be a private birthday party, corporate event or London nightclub wants me to.

I do not bring an additional MC with me to my gigs. Well… that is not entirely true, there is one MC I use for Panjabi weddings as he is a full on Panjabi host, I use him say once or twice a year. Pretty much 99per cent of my jobs I will not bring an MC, I minimally host the night and let others enjoy the songs played, requested and mixed how they should be.

Some nights hosting really does bring up the atmosphere whether it be a small bar or a large London nightclub, if a manager says no to it I respect their wishes and do not. Some venues and London parties, hosting would in fact kill the atmosphere it is similar, picking every song freestyle DJiing (no playlists – which is how I play) – it is a judgement call on when is hosting required and that is why I do not host every set.

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