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DJ modes of transportation

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On Saturday nights I usually let my hair down when I play at two or three nightclubs in London. I never play more than three times in one night as that means I’m playing less than 2.5 hrs. I usually drive up to a particular road between Goodge Street and Tottenham court road station and leave my car parked over night on a yellow line to pick up the next day. I will not reveal this amazing road as it is in the slip road and avoids me going into the one way system. Most security know at London nightclubs know this spot as we all park bang on at 18:30, have a chat and then walk our separate ways. I pretty much use have used this spot for 12 years regardless if my set is in Mayfair, I’m a creature of habit and always walk to wherever the London parties at which I am DJiing.

After doing the early warm up sets at whichever bar or nightclub, chances are by the fact that I’m not driving is that I will have had one or two many drinks. I’m not saying this because it’s a blog or whatever I write can be pulled up in records but by the fact that I have known someone to have passed away from a drunk driver. I DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE!

Anyhow, usual routine is to get on a bus or a the tube, London transport on a Saturday night is unbelievably efficient and to all the budding newbie London DJs on the scene remember to always check your trains buses for disrupt services. Being late for a set or anything in life is a poor show.

I might have mentioned that this is Saturday’s, I’m not saying I’m a raging alcoholic that is very untrue. If you meet me Sunday-Thursday the chances of me having a drink is very unlikely. Also, if I am djiing a private gig which I bring all the equipment then I will not drink. But… at end of the day if I’m doing a double or triple slot set at London bars or nightclubs on a Saturday night, I might have a few and end up in the final black taxi!


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