DJ SR Shomik Raha - London parties nightclub and cocktail bars spoof flyerHaving my name on flyers does not mean anything to me. It does not make me a better DJ in London or around the world, those DJs who make flyers for themselves for every evening are on a ego boost. If a well known promoter hires the best DJs around the world for a night and carry out heavy advertising that is a different story. To me a fancy looking flyer does not make it a good or busy night nor does it make them a better DJ.

Many not so very good promoters also make many print flyers to give to their DJs so that the DJs hand them out themselves and end up promoting the night to their mates. I do not go by that or work like that. Yes, some flyers have been made for me in the past but I’m not really concerned. I am a party DJ, DJs such as Jazzy Jeff, Mr Thing, Scratch Perverts they are the best DJs in the world and their flyers are something different.