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Equipment For Private Events

Equipment for private events

I am a turntable DJ since 1996, I use Technics 1210’s whenever I DJ any private party (birthdays, weddings, fashion shows and so on). As a professional London DJ I am versatile to use Pioneer CDJ’s. The only time I will use CDJ’s is if, having a private event at a London bar or nightclub and they only CDJ’s or if the area for a private party is too small to have space for Technics turntables (which is very rare). Technics always come with me when I booked for private parties.

I do not use Technics to show off or because they are more aethestically pleasing for the customers eye but because I play much better on them. Technics weigh more to carry and take up more room in the car or van and require much maintenance and have higher running costs than CDJs. You could say DJiing with Technics is like driving an good old Classic 1960’s Mercedes, Rolls Royce or Porsche and controllers are a new Prius which is made to last about 5-10years. But there are things you can do in the 60’s Porsche that the Prius cannot do with all the fancy hybrid technological dashboard. Anyhow, I digress once again… but you got the gist.

Let’s just get one thing clear right now (without me sounding rude)…


My basic starting set up provided by myself or by Party Night London Ltd is (see picture above):

2x Technics 1200’s/1210’s
1x Mixer (Pioneer DJM600-800 / Rane TTM 57)
2x Mackie 1400 watt speakers with stands
1x foldable table
Cable box
My DJ bag

Although it looks small in the picture, this is a large flat hallway and this all just about fits in a 5 seater car and boot backseats. The moment I put moving heads in the mix I need to hire a van from then onwards.

This set up is enough for up to 150 guests. You can add bass bin but the costs again increase. If you do shop around you will find London DJs who will quote you maybe £300 for a full night set and equipment. Every customer has the choice but before you’re you keen to book on price only… Beware…

“Good DJs aren’t cheap and cheap DJs aren’t good”

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