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DJ SR has been playing corporate events in London since 2000 and has a large portfolio of clients that hire him individually or through one of the ten event companies he freelances for. The DJ genres played are mostly of a commercial nature and genres vary according to the type of music requested for the event and (DJ SR always aims to incorporate music from old to current charts).  At corporate events he tends to play older genres considering there are many bosses and CEO’s who are of an older generation but then again if it is a predominantly young crowd he will play more update to date music. The below video is a of a corporate event for the NHS who requested cheesy and older music with a 70/30 ratio of above 40’s. DJ SR tends to scratch less and clean mix without fancy transitions more at corporate events (he saves the scratching and transitions for showcase exhibition sets and club sets).


UCL Resident DJ

Avalon Resident Clapham

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