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Here’s a 5 minute 7inch DJ Mix of 7 well known disco songs that I made this morning. I made it 5minutes long as these days realistically not many people are going to spend longer than this minutes watching me DJ online. In todays age with so many DJs pushing buttons on controllers and computers, heavy handed scratching on control records where needles do not jump and good knows how many DJs staring at screens DJing without using headphones – I feel like so many old traditions are being lost. To be honest… it’s fun mixing vinyl and that’s one of the reason so many of became DJ’s years ago (upon the love for music). So here you go a classic beat matching quick mixing DJ short mix: no scratching, no computers just hands, ears, the lovely feel of vinyl and musical love! 

Track list:
Diana Ross – Upside Down
Shalamar – Night To Remember
Mcfadden and Whitehead – Aint No Stopping Us Now
Jackson 5 – Blame it On The Boogie
Cheryl Lynn – Got To Be Real
Emotions – Best Of My Love
Shalamar – I Can Make You Feel Good

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