My name is Shomik Raha, the DJ SR name I have is simply my initials. I was born on the 2nd July 1982 in the North London Royal free hospital. I am Indian, I am a Hindu Bengali, there are many people who will ask how does that work – well I suggest you google that if you want to find out the history. Close friend call me Shom (well alot of them call me “idiot), people who can’t be bothered to say the whole name “Shom-ik” call me Shom, others call me Shaun but know you’ve read this, you can call me Shom.

I am 5ft 11.5 inches tall, 15 neck, 39 chest, 31 waist and 33inch leg incase anyone wants to buy me clothes. I weigh 70kgs, shoes size 9.5 and thats all and more information that you really need to know about my physical attributes.

I am born and raised North London so, any South Londoner’s reading well, we cant’ get along – joke. Before I became DJ SR and started djiing at London parties. I grew up in an area called Mill Hill East and attended Dollis infant and  junior School from 1986- 1993. I then went on to St. Albans Boys school till my GCSE’s. For my A levels in 1998, I went to Albany college tuition centre in Hendon (which no longer exists, hmmm…). That’s enough of my 20 year old CV non DJ related.

My musical knowledge, personality and creativity comes from my mother’s gene. She herself was a dancer and still is a choreographer till this day. Although, I am not classically trained in any musical instrument I have been honed with classical indian music and dance since I was born. My mind, attitude and personality traits are exactly of my mothers. All of her work is eclectic and any show, dance, song, recital has been a mixture and variety of different works amalgamated into a show and that is what I try and do with each DJ set (without sounding too pretentious). All of her life’s work has been to increase awareness and display indian culture in the best way to an audience. She has never made a show, dance or performance about herself and nor do I make any DJ set about me. We always try to display work the best way we can to make sure people have a good experience and that is the way we and I choose to carry out my work.

I am a Cancerian, I have all the traits of a Cancerian, I can seem moody, unapproachable, stern, sensitive, love being indoors and have a very hard shell to break. I am an introvert and love being indoors. I say this because yes, alot of people who have been with me when I have been Djiing at London parties have said to me Shom you look extremely grumpy behind the decks and if I didn’t know you I’d be scared to go up to you. I could say I’m sorry for displaying this look but I will not as I mean no harm and no bad feelings towards anyone, saying that it can’t be that bad as I have been hired repeatedly over the past. But saying this as well, hey… I’m in deep concentration! But if you have read this then you know you can approach me and if I decide to break out of my shell which I often do you’ll know I’m mean no harm.