Well... What can be said be about 2020, let's not go in there. We've all spoken about it over and over but I will say on a positive note...

Merry Christmas!

Now that we're in December month, it's that warm cosy indoor time with sparkly lights, food treats, and most importantly...

Time with our Loved ones.



Now offering corporate zoom parties DJ sets over December 2020.

During the first lockdown, I carried out multiple successful private DJ sets for birthdays and wedding parties over zoom.

Now we're in the situation that many office parties are now being conducted over Zoom.

Are you one who's planning an office zoom party? Then why not add my expertise in for 30mins (or two 30 mins slots) to get your team shaking a leg at the home office desk.

Take advantage of a fully interactive professional fed Audio and Visual services, with your company logo or even an image slideshow/video background feature and... you can also host over the party (should you wish to).

Click here or on the image below for full details.


During the last couple of months, I've decided to use my UX designer skills to start a side business of web design for people. This business will progress to cloud-based service in the later future.

From the first website, made for my own company in 2013 (see here), I've now made a substantial number of clients and sites as a UX designer.
What can I do for you... If you have a new venture for 2021 and need a fresh new site - feel free to contact me (07742 765140 / shomik.raha@gmail.com).

Professionally made WordPress sites using my Pro developer licensed for ANY type of site you desire - all aesthetic styles and user experiences are achievable.

Take advantage of my expertise aside from DJing.

(A few project examples below)
Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 07.12.47
Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 07.13.27
Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 07.11.40


I plan to move into the Tech industry by studying cloud computing which I am currently undergoing heavily. The web design company is a current venture whilst I master Microsoft Azure with exams and practical experience carrying out in January 2021.

Web & Clouds will be made into a predominantly cloud services company.

Yes... I am still being silly on my socials

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If I don't see you this month...

DJ SR - an open format professional disc jockey since the year 1998.

Now progressing to the Tech industry cloud-based systems.

From 2021 - DJing will be on a part-time basis.

Tel: 07742765140
Email for web services: shomik.raha@gmail.com

DJ Services: info@dj-sr.co.uk
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