What you get when you hire me and what can you hire me to DJ for? You may are looking to hire a DJ and stumbled across me on the internet or maybe you have seen me play at a bar or nightclub in London, private event, heard my mixes online or received a promotional cd that I have made for one of many companies – either way you’re here now. So why hire me?

When I DJ for a private party through Party Night London I will only use technic turntables, this is not because I want to show off that I can use turntables (many DJs can use turntables) but I use them as I have grown up using turntables and there is so much more you can do with turntables on a DJ set.

I believe that when a customer pays for me to DJ, they should get a cleanly seamlessly mixed transition scratched (unless requested not to) DJ set. But along with it is me dressed appropriately smart or smart casual with a smart DJ set up. So therefore my equipment that I bring will or unless supplied by Party Night London will be a clean, presentable nice deck set up which is also why I use technics rather than CDJs or a controller.

They also look better and my prices reasonable, some my say steep but then again I’m not asking for thousands of pounds for a set unless a multiple screen L.E.D dance floor and the works are requested but then again your paying for the show and then my DJ fees.

My knowledge of music on what to play for which different parties has come through my many years of playing at bars, clubs and private parties. What types of parties I have DJ’d for since 2000:

London bars and nightclubs
Corporate parties small and large events
Sweet 16
Fashion shows
University balls
Student Parties
Hen parties
Beach parties
Garden parties
Freshers and university events
Store openings
Product Launches
Christmas parties
Themed nights
New Years Eve parties

18, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th & 70th birthdays

My track list can be tailored from anything top 40’s, Commercial & Old Skool R&B, House, Disco, 70s, 80’s, Hip Hop, Rare Groove, Funk, Rock, Motown – & so many more genres. So if you’re looking for a versatile and easy going DJ then you’re looking at the right one!