DJ SR Shomik Raha London disc jockey

There are many London DJs who have a large twitter followings, big numbers on their facebook fanpage and a generally heavy social media presence – fair play to them, well… they have put in the work! But I myself without knowing how hearing them DJ live have no idea about if that social media makes them a good London DJ or not? This is my view on why I barely use social media and not a rant.

I was born in 1982 so I only started using a computer at the age of 15, I didn’t get a mobile till I was 17 in 1999. I can use phones, computers and numerous devices to indepth settings but when it comes to social media I am not that concerned.

In this day and age many people, businesses and individuals have social media intergrated within their lifestyle. People get up and check their facebook, twitter and websites before breakfast.

I am not very upto date with social media. I do have the knowledge and insights of how to use it to great depths and I could use it to boost my profile online with a huge hype however I do not for my DJiing.

I have quite a few issues with London DJs (and over the world) over using social media for hype in order to get hired. I have heard a really popular social media DJ play and sorry to say, wow he could not mix AT ALL.

I have had bar managers call me up and have meetings with them asking how many fans on twitter and facebook fans or friends I have. I will be honest one even said to me we can’t hire you as you do not have enough twitter fans and I actually smiled and walked out. Anyhow, reasons why I do not have a facebook fanpage and massive amounts of twitter followers and an excessive amount of Soundcloud page:

Just a quick note to people who are not aware, you can buy fake fans a top tip to look out on any page, if someone of Facebook has hundreds to thousands of fans and very little “talking about this” – they are most likely (95%) bought fans. Even people who have 50 fans and have 30 talking about this is real and more popular than someone who has 10000 fans with 40 talking about this


My Facebook profile is in fact my friends and family only. I could have a Fanpage and I could  spend a good amount of time working on images, posts and hyping to find new fans and update the current ones.

In this time during the week I use my time differently, I contact future customers bookings, regularly liaise with bar managers I work with, find out the bookings upcoming in bars or parties that I am booked for. I regularly make my own extended edits and remixes (that are not too far off from what London punters know). I spend this time organising my music and living my life without the extra hype.


Everyone knows you can purchase 20,000 likes for about £10, what difference is this going to make to me as a DJ? I can tweet about what I ate for breakfast, what needles I bought and how lazy my cat is, will it make me a better DJ? No, I can even tweet about how lively the party is, but isn’t that a distraction? If you hire a DJ, do you want to see the DJ on their phone all the time? Taking a photo hashtaging, adding location, finding people to at, takes about 5minutes, I could have done two mixes in that time. I’m not saying I can’t multitask I just think that that has no significance, correlation and I do not think that this is conducive to my DJ set or makes any difference to me as a DJ. I do tweet but ever so often just for the sake of it to show I have some existence on twitter but I do not believe more tweets make a better DJ infact probably a worse one.

Mix cloud & Soundcloud:

I had built up a couple of thousand of followers on soundcloud and had mixes up for about 5 years on there. Recently in March 2016 they removed my account due to me playing some copyrighted content and now I have just put all my mixes on Mixcloud even though I have been on there for a couple of years too, My mix cloud is my mixcloud, by this I mean I know other London DJs who have made fake profiles and spent hours clicking many times on their own mix to increase the number of plays. I also know other DJs that have paid say £5-20 quid to get thousands of plays on their mixes. I put my mixes on and do not tamper with the settings, I like to know the real amount of people listening to my mixes and thats all folks.

Peace & much love 🙂 DJ SR