Welcome to the Official DJ SR London website.

This website has been designed and built by myself DJ SR (real name Shomik Raha). Here you can find all of my mixes to listen and download free, you can find out pretty much everything about me. The website is straight from me so excuse me if there are some pages that aren’t tip top as I am a professional DJ and not a professional web designer. From this website you can find out everything about me, my music my likes, dislikes, my history at London bars, nightclubs and all other sorts of information about me – that is if you want to?

This is not your average DJ website, I have not paid anyone to make me a website to dress up myself as the bees knees. I am not trying to prove to people, bars or London nightclub managers that I should be hired. This website is not about me looking for work or proving myself to anyone. Those of you have heard me live or from my mixes can say I am average DJ, a poor DJ or an amazing DJ. I will leave you to decide as everyone is entitled to their opinion but as much as I could spend hours on Photoshop and hours behind the website CMS making myself look like I am a big celebrity DJ who should be hired and famous – I will not.

The truth of the matter is that I am a normal guy who loves to play music to a crowd of any size the best way I can. Good honest and sincerely mixed played music with no hype that is who I am DJ SR.